Adding value in fund distribution with data

Maxime Aerts, Chief Operating Officer, Fundsquare

Digital distribution of investment funds opens up opportunities for ongoing innovation and efficiency, but only if fund companies can fully realise the potential of data.

Europe’s investment fund distribution actors and the wider fund industry have been subject to many and various calls to change over the past few years.

Fees must come down, say investors. Fees are unclear and not at all transparent say regulators. Operational efficiency, from front office to back office, needs to be vastly improved say both new and established actors. We want to see more investor protection and better compliance say lawmakers. And finally, why can’t we compare, buy and sell investment funds more easily, ask the new generation of investors.

Transition for fund distribution in this context means embracing digital transformation and harnessing technology, as other sectors have already done to their great benefit.

Creating a digital fund distribution ecosystem

The goal now is to make the distribution chain more efficient so that is can deal with these many challenges and importantly to be productive and innovative in the new environment.

Any action, however, must respond intelligently to diverse and seemingly contradictory demands.

The amount of regulatory and tax reporting that fund actors are obliged to transmit to authorities has increased greatly. Digital points of sales are growing and will become ubiquitous. The complexity of the distribution chain remains a stumbling block for many fund companies and overcoming this is fundamental if the industry is to move forward. 

Maxime Aerts

Chief Operating Officer (Fundsquare)

Digital points of investment funds sales are growing and will become ubiquitous.
Data quality, accessibility and compliancy is key.

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