ALFI TA & Distribution Operations Forum, 4 June 2019

Holistic data management for smarter innovation, efficiency and compliance

The 2019 edition of the TA & Distribution Operations Forum is taking place on 4 June in Luxembourg. Fundsquare is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event, the theme of which is “Changing Expectations, Changing Regulations”.

In this context, the European fund industry is indeed undergoing an important shift as investors and fund buyers now expect a different level of service and greater access to information than was previously on offer. For their part, industry players have realised that new ways of working can vastly improve their efficiency and create value along the entire distribution chain. Technology is playing a major role in the remaking of the fund distribution ecosystem.

But at the same time the amount of data that existing players have to deal with is growing continuously. This is the result of both regulatory requirements and the needs of the market. Digital sales points will soon become ubiquitous in the fund industry, just as they are in others.

More data, everywhere

So, the industry is reaching a place where fund data will be available in real time, accessible at multiple points of sales and throughout the distribution chain. In short: more data, everywhere, in an industry that is lagging behind in its ability master such levels of data.

It is vital that all those in the chain can:

  • Ensure that this data is of the highest quality
  • Ensure that data is delivered efficiently and effectively
  • Create value from the insights inherent in the data
  • Bring innovative solutions to the market based on data flows and insights

This is where holistic data management should be used. By this we mean an iterative approach between data consumers and data service providers, with a fundamental focus on data quality and based, fully or partially, on automation by using big data analytical methods, data lakes and machine learning.

Such an approach will benefit not just individual actors but the fund industry as a whole. A better and smarter use of increasing amounts of data is the way forward. 

For more information about the ALFI TA & Distribution Operations Forum: see the ALFI event site.

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