Rachida, head of our Regulatory Services Business Unit, talks about the behind-the-scenes of her day-to-day job.

Rachida Bouaali, Fundsquare

I am a Moroccan, born and raised in Belgium After my studies in International Business in Liège; I started my career in the funds industry at Euroclear in Brussels. I then worked for GC Partner, a Luxembourg-based consultancy firm. There, I helped customers, such as banks in their system implementation or migration, as well as on compliance projects. It was a great experience for me.

I then joined Fundsquare in 2013 as a business analyst – I integrated the business analysts’ team of our Regulatory Services and took part in projects for our e-file solution.

e-file is a communication platform for the disclosure of data, documents as well as regulatory reports, between financial institutions and investors as well as Luxembourgish and foreign authorities. It is a joint initiative of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Fundsquare.

I worked in close collaboration with both our operational and IT teams – My main mission was to bridge the gap between the operational and IT teams, so that both parties could implement and improve solutions that would address our clients’ needs.

This experience helped me to understand our core activities, while being part of the development of Fundsquare’s business solutions.

I was then promoted Head of the Regulatory Services’ Business Team – In September 2019, I moved to the operational side of our Regulatory Services and joined one of the units I was previously working with as a business analyst. Integrating this team was somehow a logical decision.

My current day-to-day job now includes more responsibilities – It includes interactions with our customers. In the beginning, it was quite new to me as I used to operate behind the scenes.

We are present at the very early stages of the client fund lifecycle – Our mission is to help our customers to fulfill their regulatory duty and prepare some of their reporting.

Concretely, when they subscribe to our services, we help them to provide all the necessary tools and support, so that they can comply with all the legal and regulatory disclosure requirements and start operating their activities via our platform and services.

In other words, we support and facilitate their data and document management before their transmission to the regulators via our e-file application.

For that, we are also in permanent contact with third parties, to obtain daily and most actual information on behalf of our clients. These third parties include law firms, service providers, stock exchanges, central banks, etc. – and regulators such as the CSSF (finance), ACD or the CAA, the insurance supervisory authority.

Rachida Bouaali, Fundsquare

Rachida Bouaali

Head, Regulatory Services
Business Unit

Our major challenge is to

remain as close as possible to our clients

Fundsquare is constantly innovating, while improving and implementing new functionalities and values in e-file.

So, we need to make sure that our services meet our customers’ expectations. Therefore, it is very important to collaborate very closely with all the parties involved in these projects.

We are definitely at the heart of the market – Every day, it is about innovating our technologies, tools and services in order to improve our customer journey, as well as ours.

Exchanges with our clients are of mutual enrichment. They help us to grow every day and to enable other clients to benefit from these improvements.

I am very fortunate to lead a very experienced and talented team – We are six-people including two women. My female colleague is Luxembourgish with Italian origins. My other colleagues are Italian, Luxembourgish, French and Portuguese origin.

I begin my day with two very important meetings – I first gather with my team: We exchange on the current issues, we organize our daily workload and then decide which main actions are to be taken.

I then join another very key  meeting with our colleagues from the IT and the business analyst teams. We review the ongoing projects, exchange information, and decide about the next steps and milestones of the projects.

Rachida Bouaali, Fundsquare

Rachida Bouaali

Head, Regulatory Services
Business Unit

A good leader is someone who listens

A good leader is someone who listens - This is a natural skill you learn to develop as a business analyst. You have to listen and truly hear what the others tell you in order to do your job and to fulfill business expectations. Communication is therefore key.

The atmosphere at work is very important to me – We are working a lot, but we also have a lot of fun. Our people and projects make working at Fundsquare very special and different. This dynamic brings a continuous emulation within the teams.

Fundsquare’s top management is very supportive – Our directors constantly share with us the visions and values of our company. They are listening to the ideas and solutions we can bring to our projects.

In exchange, they encourage and challenge; So that we can give the best of ourselves. They provide us with all the means and trainings we need, to succeed in our missions and in our career.

When I took over my current position for instance, I benefitted from external coaching sessions to be able to perform well and adapt quickly to my new role as a leader.

Some top managers are my role models regarding leadership – Maxime Aerts (Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer); Julien Renkin (Director of Product management & Client solutions), who was my manager during my first years at Fundsquare; As well as Laurent Trévisanut (Head of Business Analysis & IT Services), in other words Fundsquare’s head of IT .

They have always been very encouraging and supportive. They make you feel that you are the right person in the right place. They brought me a lot and gave me the opportunity to be in the position I am in today.

When you work for big corporate structures and take part in major projects, one rarely gets the chance to work that close with the top management.

We are a relatively small company – So we are helping each other a lot. I know that if I need advice, I can easily get in touch with anybody in the company and obtain answers and find support very quickly.

I spend my leisure time with my family and friends – I take care of my 6-year-old boy, I like doing some sports and I enjoy cooking; My friends love to come to my home and eat the tajines I prepare.

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