Sébastien Emma, head of e file solution at Fundsquare, talks about the behind-the-scenes of his day-to-day job.

I joined the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Group as an external service provider in 2007 - I first worked as an IT developer on projects for the CCLux and bourse.lu portals.

In 2012, while the group was developing its e-file solution, I was proposed to strengthen the team and help on the project as an external provider.

In 2017, I  joined the e-file team as a permanent employee. I was then promoted to IT project manager under the direction of Laurent Trévisanut.

Before joining the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, I worked for one year in France at an  IT consulting firm.

efile is a custom-built platform by Fundsquare - It streamlines disclosure to both regulators and investors.

e-file is a communication platform for the transmission of data, documents, regulatory and statistical reports between financial institutions and national  competent authorities as well as distribution networks/platforms.

The application functions as an automated interface: Before sending files to regulators and tax authorities on behalf of our customers, the solution verifies the compliance of the documents, and informs the customers concerning the status of  documents remaining to be provided. Once the documents are sent, clientscan check  formalities  via an online dashboard.

The platform also provides similar solutions to support disclosure management to investors. Not only it enables end-to-end processing and oversight from data management to post publication controls but it also ensures constant alignment between regulatory and marketing disclosure requirements.

Sébastien Emma

Head, head of e file solution

Simplifying customer processes is our added value proposition 

Simplifying customer processes is our added value proposition compared to that of our competitors - We help our clients in their formalities. Over the past 10 years, we have continuously developed additional solutions and user-friendly tools to assist them in their formalities and tasks, including those related to FATCA or CRS. These solutions make their lives easier.

I lead the team in charge of the e-file solution - My daily duty is to manage the team on a human level. I'm here to make sure that everything goes well, so that the projects move forward smoothly.

As a former developer and a project manager with an experience in IT architecture, I also have a keen interest in technology.. Therefore, my mission is to motivate and encourage  teams to innovate, and to ensure that technology serves the product and the end-user.

My role is also to inform the operational teams concerning the latest technological solutions that can support them in their daily tasks.

60% of my team is made up of external service providers - The number varies according to projects and needs. We are currently 6 people, 5 men and one woman.

I advocate an agile way of working, based on leadership and communication - Every morning, pandemic or not, we meet 1/4 hour to take stock of the day.

In our daily work, we focus on collaboration and co-working, and try to keep ourselves constantly informed of everything that is going on. And when we have challenges to overcome, we try to manage all this together and never leave anyone alone.

This creates a sense of togetherness which fosters  team cohesion. To be effective in your work, you must first find pleasure in working.

Sébastien Emma

Head, head of e file solution

I advocate an agile way of working, based on leadership and communication

As Head, I contribute to Fundsquare’s values - I make sure that my teams are willing to innovate and bring added value.

A leader, whose only task is to give orders, cannot succeed. If you want to bring your teams to foster and promote innovation, you need to fully involve them  throughout the entire value chain of the project, without organizing the tasks into silos.

Some of our internal departments are also our clients - We work closely with  Business Analysts and all business units. They use the platform for their own activities, such as for the clients’ set up, onboarding and monitoring.

Fundsquare is very focused on new technologies - In a few years we have adopted innovative technologies and migrated to the cloud. This is an encouraging environment for developers who are always fond of new products. This allows us to offer ever more user-friendly and agile solutions.

Our Management realizes that our methodology was working – Values such as leadership and active listening have allowed us to gain quality and to move quickly in our projects, while reducing the number of incidents in production.

Our Management, who is really aware of the workload of our projects, regularly supports and congratulates us on the work done. They are also really pleased with the good understanding that exists between our different teams and departments. Our success is therefore the result of the work of the group as a whole.

Our current major project is the improvement of our FundLifeCycle solution FundLifeCycle is a dynamic monitoring tool that brings to a Management Company full transparency on Funds’ stakeholders activities performed through Fundsquare including Fund Compliance, KPIs and Fund Commercialization.

Our objective is to migrate and enhance the existing solution on new technology as well as to offer customers more modern and simplified screens, with new overview features and real-time monitoring of the fund life cycle: from the creation of the vehicle to its redemption, including its registration, its commercialization, and the fulfillment of the regulatory and legal requirements.

The platform makes the life of fund managers easier, while providing them with a high value-added service.

Sébastien Emma

Head, head of e file solution

Technology is at the heart of Fundsquare's business

Technology is at the heart of Fundsquare's business - If we stop following up on technological developments, we will soon be overtaken by our competitors. Also, as an IT department, we have a duty to stay at the heart of our business and to always offer new products.

Hence, amid the ever-increasing volume of data, Fundsquare can bring differentiation and added value to the quality of information.

Anyone can collect information! But extracting quality within the data is something more complicated.

All this can be done only through technology, but also through a close collaboration with start-ups. For this reason, Fundsquare invests in innovative technology companies with the aim to bring the best ideas and technology to our projects.

I'm really happy to be in a company on a human scale - The absence of a hierarchical barrier allows for a lot of exchanges with the Management. I know that I can  speak with them as I know that they trust me.

They are very attentive and are always looking for solutions to support their employees. I am also very appreciativethat we are a medium-sized company. As we all work on the same floor of one building, it facilitates availability and exchanges.

My integration into Fundsquare was a major turning point for me - I spent most of my career here and I was able to develop real friendships.

I am also very happy to be part of a firm that promotes ecology – We share values that reflect mine. Two years ago, with my wife and two children, we challenged ourselves on ecology, opting for solutions concerning  waste reduction and home-made products. Since then, we have been making our own laundry, soap and detergents, and we eat our own homemade yoghurts and bake our own cakes for snacks.

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