Vincent Lagrange, Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager at Fundsquare, talks about the behind-the-scenes of his day-to-day job.

Vincent Lagrange, Fundsquare

I joined the Luxembourg Stock Exchange as a Sales Manager in 2008 to drive the sales of their (then) new electronic products: data feeds of the listed values on the exchange, fund information and reporting.

After graduating in Mathematics, I started my career in IT development and program management. 

Then I moved to the space sector and took part in hardware and software development projects within space programs, including, among others, Galileo, the positioning system deployed by ESA.

After leaving the space industry, I worked for a company specialized in trading software technologies, which developed Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s trading platforms as well as Euronext’s. This is how I built relationships at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and was eventually recruited.

Technology and innovation have always been at the heart of the companies I have worked for.

During my first 5 years at the LSE and Finesti, I became more and more familiar with the funds industry. When Fundsquare was launched in July 2013 to replace Finesti, I was naturally integrated into the Sales Department of the new company.

Vincent Lagrange

Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager 

We cover all the major markets worldwide where EU funds may be distributed.

We cover all the major markets worldwide where EU funds may be distributed – From Europe to Asia, as well South America and Africa. Our department includes a Sales & Business Development unit, a Client Service Delivery unit as well as a Marketing & Communication unit; 9 people altogether, who all work on the frontline and in close collaboration with our clients.

I am an Ambassador for Fundsquare to our prospects and clients – As a salesperson, I represent the company from the commercial point of view, in the French and German speaking markets, mainly France, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. I am responsible for driving the revenue out of these territories: finding prospects, proposing solutions and services to their needs, and increasing the use of our services by our clients. I am also the main commercial counterpart of large accounts who have headquarters in these countries and operate subsidiaries in Luxembourg.

I travel on average 45 days per year – To Zurich, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris, and Lyon mainly. I visit our prospects to keep them abreast of our innovations and evaluate how we can satisfy and support their evolving needs. I also visit clients to check their level of satisfaction and assess any additional requests or issues they may have.  In general, I find our clients to be very happy with our solutions. I am very thankful to my colleagues for keeping up the good work!!!

Stability is what our clients value most in these current times – We at Fundsquare have a very low staff turnover. So, clients know that they can develop a long-term and reliable partnership with us. It also goes without saying that as our employees have tenure in our company, they are very experienced when it comes to the fund industry and the operations of our business. This translates into added value, quicker and more accurate resolution of any potential issues, and a true understanding of what our clients’ needs are.

Our clients know we can evolve together – As they operate in an ever more complex and fast-changing environment, they need to feel that Fundsquare is following those trends and evolutions and remains on their side, to inform them accurately on these changes and accompany them as well. In turn, they too make suggestions that help us think of the future of our services. This is a part of our role; a mix of educator and long-term partner that is crucial.

Vincent Lagrange

Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager

We have a very high client retention rate. On a scale from 0 to 4, we are currently ranking at 3.9. Our clients are very happy with our services. 

We have a very high client retention rate –We introduced a yearly customer satisfaction survey four years ago and the satisfaction rate is very high: On a scale from 0 to 4, we are currently ranking at 3.9. Our clients are very happy with our services. Furthermore, we continued to grow and support them despite the pandemic; Our sale-cycles are extremely long; Seeds we planted 3 or 4 years ago are now blossoming.

Fundsquare brings a genuine added-value to the fund industry – On top of the 20-year experience we have in regulatory disclosure, whereby we act as a communication hub linking funds and regulatory authorities for regulatory reporting, we are a leading service provider for information dissemination. Technology and innovation play key roles in this process and we are not only developing our own proprietary tools but working with AI and dissemination via API.

We also play a key role on regulatory issues – We are connected to all regulators in Europe. So, we know what documents and information they do expect from investors and fund managers, and when they expect these. Our dashboards help asset managers with their yearly to-do list and keep track of where they stand.

Vincent Lagrange

Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager 

There is therefore a lot of room for growth, as Fundsquare has always brought in new products on the market. I am particularly
excited about Fund Life 
Cycle and its upcoming (r)evolution 

There is therefore a lot of room for growth, as Fundsquare has always brought in new products on the market. This constant evolution is the most interesting part of our job and mission in our department. On the regulatory side, regulatory authorities are continuously implementing new directives and regulatory & compliance frameworks. At Fundsquare, we analyze these new requirements and communicate these changes to our clients. We make the necessary adjustments in our systems and develop new solutions and opportunities accordingly that we then offer to our clients.

I am particularly excited about Fund Life Cycle and its upcoming (r)evolution – This oversight and monitoring platform provides our clients with a series of dashboards that gives them a global overview on their funds and their third-party service providers’ work. It is an excellent tool to ensure proper governance. The Fund Life Cycle includes daily updates on the status of data, KRIs and KPIs for regulatory disclosure and information dissemination.

Most interesting is that the tool fosters the dialogue between the independent directors, the management of the ManCos, and their internal and external operations. Together, they can share a common understanding of the situation, and easily identify and resolve issues if and when needed.

Vincent Lagrange

Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager 

Our collection and dissemination operations fulfill Fundsquare’ s mission to streamline fund disclosure requirements. 

Accessing the right data from the right place at the right time is essential to our clients – Our collection and dissemination operations fulfill Fundsquare’ s mission to streamline fund disclosure requirements. Driven by cost mutualization and innovative data management, this flexible and responsive state-of-the-art service enables the operational effectiveness and synchronization of all the information across the entire fund distribution chain.

Fundsquare is at the heart of an ecosystem that serves the investment fund industry. Our colleagues are keenly aware of this; therefore, all departments operate in close collaboration with each other. Our teams include experts in various fields, who I can rely upon anytime when I prepare my prospection meetings or while tackling a client issue. Indeed, all departments are moving together the same way in the same direction. This belongs to our core business philosophy and culture.

Our top management gives us all the trust and room we need Our management is open to new ideas, especially when it comes to new business opportunities. They listen to our suggestions and remarks and take them very seriously. They give us all the needed support when it comes to develop and implement them.

Playing music and sailing with my family is my favorite hobby – During my leisure time I play piano with my 2 kids who play the harp and the trumpet. I support them in their sailing competitions having done so myself at their age. While on vacation, we sail on an old and small sailboat across the “Golfe du Lion” with my brother and his kid, taking our picnics to remote isolated beaches. Sometimes our wives come along, but they usually feel safer watching us from afar. I learn and practice Chinese with my Taiwanese wife and her relatives. I am also engaged in charity within a non-profit organization (the Lions Club), who sponsors schools for children with disabilities and for orphans. We organize Christmas events and hold a Christmas market “chalet” to raise the funds we distribute.

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