European FundTech Lab Luxembourg, 3 July 2018

Fundsquare’s Olivier Portenseigne, will be speaking on the panel: “How can we effectively handle data, how can we extract knowledge and how does this change the industry?”

Investment fund services are going though important changes. One of the benefits of these changes will be the ability to take advantage of more data in a more productive way. This will ultimately benefit both the industry and investors.

The amount of data consumed and produced by fund actors is growing and will continue to do so. This has come about as a result of two trends: new regulation and transformational technologies.

Big Data and Big Data Analytics have the ability to make sense of the vast flow. The added value that comes from these will affect all parts of the fund industry, including the investment process, operations and final investor relations.

However, as in any industry-wide transformation, there are issues that will need to be resolved, or are in the process of being resolved. Standardisation is probably the most problematic, followed by data protection and privacy.

Data and fund distribution: an example

Olivier Portenseigne, Fundsquare’s Managing Director said recently that it is now “in the interest of the asset management companies to get closer to the end investors.”

Big Data and Big Data Analytics will enable fund manufacturers to finally be in a position to understand their investors and so tailor products to their real needs, as well as improve and streamline the buying experience. Positive steps in this direction will grow their investor base.

These topics and others will be discussed by industry experts at European FundTech Lab Luxembourg.

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