Upcoming Events

Private Assets Conference

ALFI has been holding its annual conference on the topic for 20 years, its name evolving with time. Once referring to the so-called alternatives, the event most recently saw private debt and infrastructure themes orbiting around the PE & RE core. This year’s rebranding reflects the further evolution of private asset classes and their success which propels the fund centre as a whole: welcome to the ALFI Private Assets Conference!

Highlights of the agenda:
- GP perspectives: translating trends into investment strategies and returns
- Family offices as private assets investors
- LP onboarding: what to expect and how to accommodate

This event will start on 20/09/22

Members of our team that will attend the event:

Mattias De Mol, Fundsquare
Mattias De Mol, Head of Business and Relationship Development

Past Events

BVI Asset Management Konferenz

The BVI Asset Management Conference provides an overview of current developments on the capital market and the regulatory and strategic challenges for the industry. The speakers take up topics in a dense, content-rich program. Networking is not neglected.

Speakers in recent years have included Sigmar Gabriel, Tarek Al-Wazir, Jens Weidmann, Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Lord Jonathan Hill, Peter Praet, Steven Maijoor and Günther Oettinger.

The event will start on 05/10/2022. 

AM Tech Day

AM TECH DAY is the European event dedicated to the tech innovations by the asset management industry (asset managers, wealth managers, asset owners, insurers and fintechs). Through conferences and debates, L'AGEFI offers an analysis of the impact of technological innovations on their business.

This event will start on 04/10/22

Global Distribution Conference

Highlights of the agenda:
- Good long-term outcomes have never been so important to retail investors, are private markets the solution?
- ESG: How should asset managers reconcile the regulatory requirements to make ESG meaningful to retail investors?
- Changing needs and requirements of Private Banking Clients
- Digital Transformation: How does it need to further evolve to enable cost efficient retail investor accessibility to investment solutions?
- How are Institutional Asset Owners reacting to current high geopolitical tensions, interest rates trending higher, inflation at a 40 year high?
- Millennials and Gen Z investment habits; does it include investment funds?

This event will start on 20/09/22

Roadshow to Frankfurt

ALFI hits the road to inform fund communities across the globe of the opportunities that await them in Luxembourg.

If today a large majority of UCITS distributed internationally are based in Luxembourg, it’s because leading international asset managers have recognised the growing opportunities of UCITS early on, and have chosen Luxembourg as a hub from which to develop their EU business.

German asset managers are still amongst the top initiators of Luxembourg UCITS and ALFI is happy to return to Frankfurt to give you updates on the investment fund regulatory and operational framework, and present state-of-the-art solutions for the evolving needs of the asset management industry and investors worldwide.

The event will start on: 27/06/2022

Finanzplatztag der WM Gruppe

For the 15th time, experts from all areas of Frankfurt's financial system will meet for the two-day Finanzplatztag of the WM Group.

The main topic in 2022: "The role of the finance in a political crises"

Every year, the "Finanzplatztag" brings together employees of banks and other-related companies, such as the IT industry. It enables exchanges with issuers, regulators, investors and fintechs.

Frankfurt is a world-class financial center, home to the European Central Bank, insurance and financial regulators.

The event will start on: 14/06/2022

Roadshow to Madrid

Event highlights:
- Testimonial of a successful AM in having set-up a fund in Luxembourg
- What does a successful fund look like?
- How to make your fund ESG compliant?
- The expansion of Spanish AIFMs

The event will start on: 02/06/2022

Kongress for Financial Information

DFK brings together business executives, solution providers and opinion leaders from the financial industry.

Featuring a conference as well as an exhibition, the event allows both vendor-exhibitors and visitors to combine an informative and thought-provoking conference program with a review of products, technologies and solutions that are proven to answer the current needs of the financial industry.

It also offers the opportunity to see products and solutions from a variety of specialized suppliers in one place.

The event will start on 18/05/2022. 

Cross-Border Distribution

Event highlights:
- Decentralized finance and the future of distribution
- Challenges and opportunities of SFDR
- Capitalizing on the rise of alternatives

The event will start on: 17/06/2022

IMpower 2022

From leadership to sustainability, digital transformation to private markets for wealth management - it's all here.

Join the most forward-thinking asset managers, fund buyers and private wealth leaders. We're welcoming the brightest minds in the industry and beyond to IMpower this May, with 300+ speakers lining up to join us. 

The event will start on 10/05/2022. 

Roadshow to Milan

Event highlights:
- Setting the scene with the Luxembourg toolbox
- Best practices and tips on setting up a fund in Luxembourg
- ESG, sustainable funds and green bonds
- Retailisation and institutional investors’ appetite for private assets: a case study on ELTIFs
- What are the keys to a successful distribution in Italy and beyond?

The event will start at 14.30 CET on 02/05/2022 and will be followed by a cocktail reception at 18.00 CET.

European Asset Management Conference

At this annual forum, we will discuss diverse topics such as innovation in product structuring, fintech, crypto and tokenisation, custom indexing, some regulatory updates, and last but not least ESG as mainstream.

The event will start on 22/04/2022. 

Roadshow to Amsterdam

Highlights of the event:
- Regulatory landscape and market’s perspective
- Sustainable Investments: SFDR – Impact from an asset manager’s perspective and what’s next.
- Practical impact of the evolving tax environment on fund structuring
- Looking through the “Operations” lens: solutions for operating and running a fund throughout its lifecycle

The event will start on 21/04/2022.