FundForum International: What shall we talk about?

Ahead of FundForum International, we ask speakers and delegates about event topics such as distribution, digital, asset allocation and ESG. The conference runs from June 25-27 at the Bella Centre, Copenhagen, with special workshops on June 24.

Didier Kayl, Head of Business & Relationship Development, Client Service Management, Fundsquare

How does the implementation of big data and data analytics change the landscape of investment fund distribution?

Value creation in investment fund digital distribution depends on data quality. Fund actors will need to focus on this because it is the initial building block. Big data analytical methods will be used to ensure data quality before it enters the distribution chain.

All fund actors handle increasing amounts of data and information but most see this growth through regulatory or compliance eyes. From a digital sales standpoint, data analytics, with other methods and tools, will enable fund companies to use quality data to make decisions, including strategic ones, possibly in real time. 

This change is happening now. The distribution chain is being flattened, with fund buyers closer and more visible to fund producers, and is becoming more efficient, with accelerating process and operational automation. 

What trends do you expect to see regarding big data and data quality within the industry in the coming years?

Holistic information management, an iterative process between data producers and data consumers, including feedback, holds great promise. Exploiting data lakes, which can help solve the issue of diversely structured repositories, will be more common.

New skills will be required. Data experts and those who combine expert understanding of the fund distribution chain with analytical mindsets will be in demand.

As in other sectors, digital points of sales will become ubiquitous. Responding intelligently to this trend will complete the digital transformation of the fund distribution ecosystem.

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Funds Europe, June 2019

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