Fundsquare and Kurtosys tech partnership to facilitate asset management data disclosure

Fundsquare Kurtosys Partnership

9 September 2020 - A new partnership announced today by Kurtosys and Fundsquare will enable asset managers to comply with data disclosure requirements, from dissemination to publication.

At the core of the innovative offering is a technical integration of the Fundsquare dissemination platform and the Kurtosys distribution cloud, which provides a unique suite of services combining the respective expertise of both systems.

“For our customers, data quality is one of the most common stumbling blocks in implementing a solution such as ours,” said Patrick McKenna, Global Head of Sales for Kurtosys. “This partnership will streamline the data integration process, giving our combined customers greater agility to address challenges within their distribution teams, whether to launch a new funds website, to better automate their sales materials, or to create an ESG reporting portal for their institutional clients.”

The combined solution aims to facilitate compliance with the regulatory framework for disclosure of information, shorten time to market for product launches, and improve the investor experience, while also saving operational and IT running costs.

“Our disclosure management offering is increasingly being used by asset managers to simplify their data distribution architecture and provide support to deal with the increasing complexity of data management,” said Didier Kayl, Head, Business & Relationship Development, Client Service Management, at Fundsquare.

The partnership comes at a time when asset managers are looking at both their cost base and operations in light of steadily declining fee revenue and the operational lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, recently announced changes to gold-plating requirements have offered asset managers the opportunity to create further efficiencies. The EU directive on cross-border distribution of investment funds from 12 July 2019 says member states should not require UCITS and alternative investment funds (AIFs) marketing in their country to have a physical presence or use an agent there. Instead, managers can use remote electronic communications, such as websites and microsites – solutions which are directly enabled by the combined offering.

Combined Model

Fundsquare Kurtosys combined model

The merits of this strategic alliance lie in the combination of two proven technology stacks and the respective expertise of both organizations that will provide tangible benefits to their community of mutual customers. Asset Managers will benefit in the following ways.

  • Allow multi-source and multi-channel controls on data
  • Drive down time to value on critical sales enabling initiatives
  • Comply more easily with the regulatory framework for disclosure of information
  • Guarantee end-to-end transparency and control over data life cycle, up to the investor
  • Experience significant reductions in data publication issues
  • Reduce significantly time to market during product launches
  • Foster operational and IT running costs savings

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About Kurtosys
Founded in 2002, the Kurtosys cloud provides a suite of solutions to fund promoters to power their distribution teams and drive AUM growth. Headquartered in London and counting some of the largest fund managers in its client base, Kurtosys is a global firm with offices in London, Raleigh Durham, and Cape Town.
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About Fundsquare
Fundsquare is a subsidiary of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange that provides services to substantially support and standardise cross-border distribution of investment funds. The main objective of this utility is to facilitate the relationships between professional investors and funds through a flexible and responsive infrastructure to enable operational effectiveness by offering information and regulatory compliance services.
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