Improve customer experience, reinforce trust and reduce costs have to be reshaped to distribute funds if they are to stay relevant. Mixing these needs with the opportunities offered by the already existing digital technologies, and their accelerating impact, pushes the fund industry further and inevitably into the digital transformation.

A Deloitte study highlighted that costs in Europe’s cross-border fund industry could be cut by as much as 70%. About €1.3 billion per year is spent on cash management, errors and reconciliation, KYC, due diligence processes, considering only Luxembourg as a cross-border fund distribution platform.

Embracing the principles behind the “sharing economy” offers a potential solution. The sharing economy, sometimes also called the collaboration economy, is taking off in all sorts of markets. The shared use of resources or services by a group sees the cost of purchasing divided across a larger group.

So why not looking for opportunities within the fund industry?

Similar principles could help asset managers cut their distribution costs and improve the client experience. Much of the redundant costs are due to the many different actors in the fund supply chain running similar systems and duplicate processing and data.

Bernard Simon

CIO, Fundsquare

Decentralised applications open new opportunities.


Paperjam, September 2017

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