Make FUND DATA dissemination easier

We provide a solution to strengthen your fund information dissemination
towards all your counterparts, through one channel.

Adding value in fund data distribution

  • Compliancy
  • Quality
  • Reach
  • Compliancy allows that the right information is disseminated to the right counterparts, in respect
    of distribution rules and regulations as well as tracking of data reception.

  • Quality means value creation. Ensuring the quality of the data and delivering data efficiently
    is fundamental.

  • Management companies and funds are able to reach all their audience with data and documents.

Ensure governance of disseminated data

Are you able to ensure that your distributors are using the appropriate and updated data?

There is a need for a less costly and efficient process when handling fund data collection, management, dissemination and tracking.

Fundsquare’s platform is a communication hub to transmit or retrieve fund information efficiently.

Choose Fundsquare for fund data dissemination

Efficient data dissemination to all

Technical interfacing to increase

Tracking “who received what”

A proven solution for transmitting funds data and documents

We manage a network of 150 counterparts for
600 data types, including data vendors and fund platforms

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