KPMG Canada Asset Management Forum, 25 September 2018

Harnessing disruption: How is the industry leveraging technology, data, and innovation? 

The value chain of the asset management industry is under pressure from many different quarters. Political, economic, technological and social factors are converging to affect the entire business. 

Asset managers must now start aiming at vastly improving customer experience, realising new operating models and adapting IT systems, all while maintaining the correct regulatory response.

Digitalisation of the value chain has great potential for overcoming these challenges and for providing a roadmap for future growth. Therefore, it is not a question of if, but when and how to execute a digital strategy to respond to the constant and rapidly changing landscape.

On September 25, Olivier Portenseigne, Fundsquare’s Managing Director and CCO, spoke at a KPMG Canada event for the asset management industry on the panel “Harnessing disruption: How is the industry leveraging technology, data, and innovation?”

Topics covered in this panel included:

  • Focus of innovation: client experience vs operational excellence or both.
  • Issues that are impeding take up by incumbents.
  • Technologies that the asset management industry needs to focus on and how they can be leveraged (Blockchain, artificial intelligence, fintech, cloud computing).
  • Talent acquisition that can best take advantage of the new environment.
  • Data and its challenges. Steps being taken by actors to cope with ever-increasing volumes of data. Harnessing the vast potential of data in the industry. Creating stakeholder value and opportunity with data.

Asset managers are discovering the benefits that digitalisation could bring them, not just in isolated parts of their business but across the entire chain. Now is the time to start building a comprehensive ecosystem.

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