machineByte Europe 2019, 17-18 September

Progressing with a blockchain infrastructure and advancing Europe’s investment fund industry.

Machine learning, big data analytics and artificial intelligence will all be important in the future asset management ecosystem and their use will become commonplace. In Luxembourg, the backbone of this ecosystem will be built on a blockchain infrastructure.

By flattening and automating the investment fund creation and distribution chains, distributed ledger technology is the stepping stone that will help create many long-awaited efficiencies and enable value creation. This base will provide a rich source of data for all participants involved in fund distribution.

A fully functioning fund industry blockchain will mean that data and information can flow between all actors in real time. It can fulfil the promise of near instantaneous transactions and reconciliation, reduce costs across the industry and radically transform the way that checks and controls, for example those for KYC and AML, are carried out. 

Embedding the blockchain – the Fundsquare experience

MachineByte, the platform for education and information exchange related to machine learning, will be holding its annual conference for global institutional investors in Paris on 17 and 18 September.

In a panel discussion that rounds off the two-day conference, Olivier Portenseigne, Fundsquare managing director, will be speaking and providing understanding on the topic of “Advancing Asset Management Technology – Blockchain Technology for Investment Management Firms.”

He will be sharing his views on why a blockchain infrastructure is relevant for Europe’s investment funds, an industry that is currently facing many challenges. Long-term pressures on margins, calls for greater transparency, supporting regulatory and compliance requirements and improving operational efficiency are all issues for today and the future. To respond to these, for the past two years Fundsquare has fine tuning its FundsDLT solution, a blockchain initiative with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Olivier Portenseigne will be sharing the latest news on FundsDLT and will be looking at the progress and challenges of blockchain in the fund industry as a whole.

A number of blockchain projects are being proposed for asset managers and investment fund companies in Europe, a few at proof of concept stage while others are offering concrete, working solutions. The technology is considered viable and scalable and will soon lead to a fully exploitable ecosystem, based on industry-wide collaboration and standardization.

For more details about this event, see the machineByte Europe 2019 site.

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