Fundsquare is pleased to be hosting a Masterclass on the importance of governance in efficient data management

We all want to know where our data are being stored and used. Without data being effectively managed, companies lose out on their competitive edge and expose themselves to tremendous risks. For data to truly support business initiatives, they need to be qualified, available, up-to-date as well as relevant.

Regulatory disclosure and information dissemination of dynamic, static data and documents are not only time-sensitive but require security and accuracy to respect compliancy and regulations within the fund industry. An aggregated view of the fund life cycle and its data within this industry calls for effective corporate governance to reduce the opacity of operations and allow for the mitigation of risk. A breach in data management has implications that go beyond simple business processes but can have serious legal consequences.

How to achieve this governance in efficient data management is a question that Fundsquare will approach in our Masterclass at the ALFI Global Distribution Conference. Four different industry actors will engage in a thoughtful conversation around this very important subject moderated by Vincent Lagrange, Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager at Fundsquare.

Vincent Lagrange, Senior Business & Relationship Development Manager, Fundsquare

- Jean-François Bay, Managing Director, Quantalys
- Rory Herbert, Head of Fund Registration, Allianz Global Investors
- Sandra Lucente, CEO, Apis AM
- Franck A. Willaime, Certified Independent Director

More information: Event/registration

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