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New workflows related to the direct transmission of documents to authorities and stock exchanges are available on now is a communication platform for the transmission of data, documents, regulatory and statistical reports between financial institutions (filing entities) and supervisory authorities.

Enhancements for AIFMD and communication with stock exchanges

Fundsquare has now added 5 new workflows to its range of services. This will enable entities to fulfil their regulatory obligations by efficiently sending documents to authorities and stock exchanges.

These enhancements concern:

  • Direct transmission of documents to authorities in regards to Article 32, 33 and 42 of the AIFM-Directive
  • Direct transmission of documents (prospectus, KIID, articles of incorporation, reports, NCA attestation, updates, etc) to stock exchanges for listed funds

We believe these new features bring value to your regulatory reporting because it enables to fulfil your reporting requirements and to facilitate cross-border marketing of your products. It enables also to easily transmit documents to the authorities and stock exchanges in the expected format imposed by the regulatory counterparty.

Listing investment funds on exchanges provides several advantages for investors, fund managers and promoters. These advantages include, among others, increased visibility, improved liquidity, better access to investors and transparency. If you wish to list your funds at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, please find some useful information here.

For detailed information on these enhancements, please visit our website at the following link learn more.

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